Humble Beginning:

East Africa Spectre started was established in 1971 at the Kenya Industrial Estates (KIE) sheds on Lusingeti road off Likoni Road in Nairobi’s Industrial Area. It was then known as Standard Processing Equipment Construction and Erection hence the name Spectre. Being a pioneer in the field of Gas Cylinders manufacturing, it was a sole manufacturer of the product in East African region. The company’s market included major Oil companies like Total Kenya, Mobil Oil (now Libya Oil), Esso (bought out by Mobil), Shell etc.


In 1988, EAS entered financing agreement with Industrial Development Bank Ltd (now IDB Capital) for expansion funding. This resulted in putting up of a new factory along Mombasa Road in addition to the old factory. These new premises served as new cylinder manufacturing facility while old plant served as a revalidation facility. New facility boasted of increased working space and new state of the art machinery. However, the company faced challenges in running two separate facilities. Coupled with dwindling orders for new cylinders, both operations were consolidated in the new factory.

Factory Upgrade:

In the year 2008, East Africa Spectre Ltd installed new state of the art cylinder manufacturing plant. This was done with the view of gaining competitive edge over imports and reclaim lost market. Some of the notable machines that were installed to replace old machines and also mechanize some processes that were being done manually are:
Heat Treatment Furnace: new automated furnace with electronic temperature control, automated cylinder feeding, movement and output furnace was to replace old manual furnace. New furnace not only featured improved safety, but also higher capacity output.
Hydrostatic Testing rig: this machine performs hydrostatic testing of ten cylinders at a time. It ensures economical use of water (by recycling) makes it perfect for use. It has also mechanized testing (injects, pressurizes and removes water from cylinder).
Shot-blasting Machine: to replace old unreliable shot-blasting machine. New machine featured superior cylinder movement by rotating rollers and rocker mechanism.
Spray Painting system and Oven Drying: this was to replace manual spray painting of cylinders. Spray painters set aside for use because of un-economical use of paint but booths are being used now. Working at about 80 oC, the oven drying booth ensures painted cylinders dry immediately without delay. .